Thanks to our experience in ICT world. Also we can guarantee you will get a professional. And sociable candidate able to integrate and communicate with your team. However our consultants have a great technical experience to meet your goals. Also IT consultant informatique bruxelles.
OFEP is working in model with a broad network of consultants in Belgium and keep close contacts with them.
If you are looking for candidates in scope of migration to execute changes. Also tasks especially outside business hours or during weekend, we can also provide you with right resources.

Your advantages to work with us

Experienced consultants

We will only provide consultants matching your requirements and with professional experience you are looking for.

Fitting your budget

Thanks to our various packages to suit all budgets, we can provide on-site or off-site consultants.

Duration and variable volumes

We can provide you a single developer or a whole team, for one day or for long time.

Broker services available

We are working with both consultants under the payroll and independants consultants. We can act as broker to faciliate your sourcing services and managing all the communication and invoicing to the different parties involved.


Whatever type of popular profile you might need, like project manager, developer or infrastructure engineer – we will satisfy your request.


We interview each candidate personally and ask them to pass a technical test to check their skills. We give you access to the test results. Working this way, you are guaranteed to only talk to profiles corresponding your level of requirements.

Business Process Management & Project Management

The world is changing and enterprises now act in a worldwide interconnected market. To face these challenges, our staff is continuously learning new standards and evolution of business process. See below the non exhaustive list of profiles working with OFEP:

  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Service Management
  • ITIL Management
  • Business Analyst

IT Governance & Architecture

To build, support and maintain modern “enterprise” applications, generic concepts have defined in IT industry. Such as “Business Architecture” or “Enterprise Architecture”. Establishment of Governance inside company is a prerequisite. Also to build long term and coherent strategy for our IT. However including organisation chart and communication of different participants in the enterprise. See below the non exhaustive list of profiles working with OFEP. IT consultant informatique bruxelles.

  • Cloud Azure & Office 365 (365) Architect
  • Cloud Amazon Web Services AWS Architect
  • Solutions Architect
  • Security Architect
  • Network Architect
  • Windows System Architect
  • Unix/Linux System Architect


To bring your projects to life and ensure support of ICT infrastructure, multiple profiles are needed to cover different competencies:

  • Servicedesk agent
  • Helpdesk agent (1st, 2st level)
  • Support technician
  • System engineer
  • Virtualization specialist
  • Storage & Backup engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • VOIP & Media Engineer


To develop strong and optimized software or for maintenance purposes multiple profiles are working with OFEP:

  • Software Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Project Coordinator
  • Software engineer Java/J2EE
  • Software engineer .NET
  • Software engineer PHP
  • Software engineer C++
  • Software engineer Python
  • Software tester – Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Technical writer

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