Our team of developers would write custom applications for you to solve your problems and facilitate your processes.

partnerssAre you looking for a partner to develop custom application to manage data or to digitize current process ?

We create web and business applications with high added value and customized for your business needs and your domain.
Products management, stock management, customer management, reporting, process management, automation are few examples of areas where you need specific tools or applications, customized for your needs and your environment for high efficiently of your business.
After analysis phase we, together with you and your team, are going to create interfaces, screens and features you need to build or modernize your business application. web application PHP laravel codeigniter.

Which added value ?

noVery often, Excel files or SharePoint platforms are used to share and centralize data between users instead of a missing business application.
In this case you’d probably very soon face issues such as loosing track of process, unrestricted access based on user roles, impossibility to compute data, missing (email) notifications etc.  If you want to continue growing without introducing inefficient administrative abundance, we’d recommend you to consider introduction of a special business application fitting your needs and integrating with your way of work. web application PHP laravel codeigniter.

Applications with high ROI (Return on Investment) have high potential in growth of your company. Modern IT tools can be created to facilitate your daily life, increase collaboration, tech productivity and sales and can give you a good overview of current and future activities. The effort you put in development and integration will be quickly absorbed by your gains.

There are few examples of requirements of our customers for development of their custom applications:
  • Facilitate access to their business information in a structured way, manage users or groups of users, build simply accessible and intuitive web interfaces
  • Different roles for different types of users of the application (director, sales, accounting etc.). Each role must have a specific view of the application and specific data access related to his functions in organization
  • Integration with current systems or current databases (interaction with current database systems, import or export of files coming from other applications)
  • Export of specific data in a structure way (such as listing, reporting in Excel, PDF, XML etc.)
  • Reporting with graphics based on data (such as turnover, volume of stocks, volume of sales per shop, per region etc.)
  • Filter and control of the input: we validate all inputs to minimize encoding errors, avoid double records and we also filter encoding by criteria
  • Portal for customers or partners to download invoices, track visualized status of their requests and integrated with backoffice
  • Integration with hardware (badge readers, eid, cash registers etc.)
  • Extended communication and notifications: notifications through SMS, email, Tweets etc.
  • Single Sign in: forget multiple authentications and multiple passwords. We integrate our application based on a single authentication system (such as OAuth, SAML etc.)
OFEP Société Informatique Top Rated In Brussels Web, Consultancy And Cybersecurity.

Modern and durable technologies

Technically, our team of senior developers is using frameworks based on .Net or PHP. We have vast expertise in various modern technologies. This allows us to create professional applications based on modern frameworks (such as Yii, Symphony, CakePHP).
For user interfaces, we build an ergonomic interface using last up-to-date technologies (such as HTML5, CSS 3, Javascript, jQuery, prototype, AngularJS).

Respect the “best practices”

We are following the “best practices” of the market such as model MVC to design patterns to make code reusable, flexible and dynamic. A clean code needs less maintenance and allows to implement business demands faster and at a lower cost because its structure is well built at design phase.
In case you have specific intern standard, we will adopt your rules, your framework and your requirements.

OFEP Société Informatique Top Rated In Brussels Web, Consultancy And Cybersecurity.
OFEP Société Informatique Top Rated In Brussels Web, Consultancy And Cybersecurity.

For important projects we can realize different packages

  • Write specific requirements
  • Analysis (architecture, UML, database, frameworks,..)
  • Validation of the security good practices
  • Creation of user screens (mockup)
  • Development (using Agile methodologies)
  • Testing of the application (using standard ISTQB)
  • Security analysis and pentest before application is deployed in production
  • Deployment of the application (OS, framework, packages etc.) on your server, hosted platforms or cloud
  • Setup Cloud SaaS Hosting (Software as a Service) where we take care of the application for its lifetime (including support, maintenance, backup and monitoring)

Find some non-exhaustive examples of technical development we can provide

  • PHP Web Development
  • Laravel PHP Develoment
  • CodeIgniter PHP Development
  • Zend PHP Development
  • Cake PHP Development
  • Symphony PHP Development
  • Javascript Development (jQuery, node.js, Ajax, Prototype, AngularJS..)
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Development
  • Magento Development
  • WordPress CMS Development
  • Drupal CMS Development
  • Zend Development
  • DotNet .Net Web Application Development
OFEP Société Informatique Top Rated In Brussels Web, Consultancy And Cybersecurity.

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