Security Audit in AWS

Cloud computing is on the rise. It is now possible for businesses to implement a complex piece of software in just a few clicks. This has led to the cloud hosting market boom. Companies now have the option of choosing between a varieties of cloud hosting providers. 

While providing value to businesses, cloud hosting services have also posed security concerns. The sudden rise of cloud hosting services has led to a considerable increase in cyber-attacks. Attacks on web applications and servers have become more frequent recently. This article will teach you about the AWS security audit that helps you identify the risks involved.

What Is AWS?

AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services, including storage, 

computing, networking, and analytics. It is one of the most popular cloud platforms used by businesses of all sizes. AWS is a reliable, scalable, and affordable platform that helps businesses to grow and be more efficient.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is Amazon’s implementation of cloud computing. It is currently a well-liked option for cloud-based hosting, offering about 175 fully equipped services from data centers worldwide. So said, AWS will permit you to host their servers or computers, enabling you to:

  • To host your dynamic websites, use a web and application server.
  • Store data in the cloud securely so you can access it via WAN.
  • Host your database on the cloud, using programs like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Get assistance with solutions for your network’s challenging CDNs (content delivery networks).
  • On the cloud, hosting SMTP or the mail server allows you to send emails to your clients.

What Is a Security Audit in AWS?

Security Audit in AWS
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A security audit is an examination of the network infrastructure’s security that looks at its configurations, app logic, permissions, and other elements to ensure it complies with security standards and is free of vulnerabilities.

The AWS security audit is checking your instance for flaws, incorrect setups, openings, and security breaches.

How can I audit my AWS account?

You can conduct a Security Audit in AWS by looking at some cloud components, such as:

  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and S3

Start with fundamental inquiries while doing a Security Audit in AWS, such as:

Is the user permitted?  Data Protection?

Are the passwords sufficiently secure?

Identity Access Management audit (IAM)

Make a list of the users of your system to audit IAM. After that, divide the list into two groups: active and inactive. Users who checked in within the last three to six months, or even just a few weeks, are considered active users. Depending on your requirements, maybe. Once finished, remove the inactive users’ accounts.

Another IAM audit of security credentials needs to be done. Delete the security database, compromised work email addresses, and password leaks. Make your passwords stronger and update them often.

Audit VPC

Customizing specific parameters for every cloud environment is necessary while auditing a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). For instance, setups for testing and production shouldn’t be the same.

You can completely set up:

  • A different IP address for each section of the network.
  • Each network segment’s subnet mask.
  • Gates specific to each part.

Audit EC2

To examine a cloud with elastic computing:

  • Run just the necessary EC2 instances.
  • Put an end to examples that aren’t relevant, such as those used for testing and experimentation.
  • Verify that no new security groups exist.
  • Create an allowlist of IPs and give each one a description.

Audit S3

For S3 auditing, be sure to:

  • Give only authorized users critical HTTP operations, such as delete
  • Open the S3 bucket’s versioning feature.
  • Logging should enable in the S3 bucket.

Audit Mobile Apps

  • Each mobile app in the cloud needs to be audited to ensure it is safe and secure. Checklist for mobile app auditing:
  • Make sure your mobile app doesn’t contain any access keys. Access keys in mobile apps are still too hazardous, even when encrypted.
  • For your mobile app, remove any persistent credentials. Replace them with temporary credentials, so you can often switch out security keys.
  • Make sure your mobile app accepts Bing or Google Authenticator for multi-factor authentication.
  • Give consumers that use well-known identity providers, like Google, Facebook, or Amazon, multiple options to log in.

AWS offers some tools to assist with security audits. But each instrument will carry out its audit on its own. AWS CloudTrail, for instance, may audit AWS procedures and evaluate security threats. In addition, AWS-certified partner nOps assists businesses with security audits by providing more information on risks and evaluations for each audit criterion. The nOps dashboard syncs with CloudTrail.

Users can access their complete cloud system to receive updates about audit results. The nOps system has ongoing audits in addition to one-time audits. The dashboard offers information on vital data, unused instances, change management, and much more. You can complete AWS audits more quickly if you have a solid CloudTrail interface.

Advantages of Amazon Web Services

Security Audit in AWS Service Belgium
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Here are a few advantages of using AWS; let’s go over each one individually:

 Simple to Use

Even a novice can utilize AWS’s platform because it is well-defined and straightforward. As a result, new and current applicants won’t experience any issues. The AWS Management Console or well-documented web services make this possible.

No Capacity Limitations

Companies start various projects and then estimate how much capacity they will require. AWS assists them by offering this capacity at a low price. Their burden is reduced as a result, and they have more time to concentrate and develop new ideas.

Offers agility and speed

If we ask an engineer, an Enterprise, or a business in the old world how long it will take to employ a server, we typically receive the response “one week.” However, AWS offers within minutes. Furthermore, it is simple and versatile, so all you have to do is choose your requirement and move forward without speaking to anyone.

They offer the following storage, which operates quite quickly:

  • Amazon Glacier
  • Simple Storage Service by Amazon

High-performance databases on Amazon include:

  • Kindle Redshift
  • Elasticache on Amazon
  • DB Amazon Dynamo


For the protection of the cloud, AWS provides some security measures. However, you are solely responsible for maintaining cloud security (security “in the cloud”). As a result, doing a Security Audit in AWS assessment becomes crucial for your company. The sooner you identify your security weaknesses, the sooner you can address them and secure your website against malicious hackers.

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